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Where are my data files on a android application ?

Startbeitrag von Baert Freddy am 10.01.2015 14:05

I developed a small android application and placed the generated apk on the sd card of my tablet. I want the application to beinstalled on the sd card or at least my data files (hyper files) on the sd card. How to do that ?


Hello Freddy,

you may want to explain what you really want to achieve, because reading/writing on the REAL sdcard has become kind of nightmare since android 4. Google has decided (security reason, if I remember correctly), that access would be highly restricted, if at all possible...

As a result, the functions returning the path of the sdcard now return the path of the EMULATED sdcard in the internal memory

If you google "Android how to find REAL sdcard path" you will see that this is not trivial at all, and in fact sometimes impossible.

So you may want to rethink your requirement

von Fabrice Harari - am 10.01.2015 14:30
goto root

if you want hyperfiles to be on sd card /usb thumb drive then use Hchangedir but be warn that different version of android / device manufacture /android mod , use different path name mapping .

if you want to use hyperfile , you must know that currently there is no WDtools for android (WDmap , WDModFic, etc...) . if you need to see the contain of the files or repair, you will have to copy it out .

when developing ,I suggest you use a root android device . it will make easy debug and find some stuff.

von ccc2 - am 11.01.2015 07:21
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