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Programmatically set a row or cell in a table (grid) readonly

Startbeitrag von Malc am 15.01.2015 13:09

Hi Guys

OK, this is not ReadOnlyNoSelection - this is the standard readonly where you cannot edit the value but you can select and copy the text
..State does not appear to support this for rows/cells so... any ideas?

I'm currently looking at leaving the fields editable and trapping keypresses so I can conditionally throw away edits but this could get messy, and probably won't work,
(some key event/_EVE.Return = False)





AAF is your friend...

Right click on the table to display the options available
Copy the cell clicked
Copy the row clicked etc.

Options shown that you do not require can be hidden in the GUI tab > Popup Menu > Parameters

von DerekT - am 15.01.2015 16:29
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