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wb18 display error

Startbeitrag von stefan kern am 16.01.2015 21:42

Hello Forum,

I need again your help. i think it is not an Webdev error, maybe someone had the same problem or is able to assist.

I have a web - application, it is a non AWP dynamic web page developed in WB18, running on a win2008 server.

I tested this application on several PC using IE9 / IE11 /Chrome and of course firefox on different PC with different operating systems. Everything went ok.

Last saturday I went through my own private hell when we presentet the application to the customers. Both managing directors and the head of accounting where present when I opened the browser on their PC to demonstrate my application.
Pls see this pictures:

The first picture is how one page of the application is shown on their PC, the second picture how it should be. There is a lot of space between the top of the table and the first record, also no scrolling function, also the layout of the buttons is very poor. Also, what you can not see on the picture, the page should be centered in the browser, on their PC it is centered left.

More information:
- This behavior is on all PC of this customer
- I checked the page on other PC's of business partners, friends and so on, and all of the displayed the page correct
- At my customer the page is displayed in this ugly way using IE11 and firefox and chrome.
- I installed chrome from scrutch on their pc, with standard settings, the same thing
- I checked the versions of Flash and Java, all up to date
- I tried to reproduce this behavior with playing around with windows settings like site of the screen, contrast etc, no result.

I am going cracy, may be someone has an idea?

Thanks for help



** SOLVED ** wb18 display error


if someone has the same behavior.

For finding a solution on that behavior I connected my laptop to the WLAN of this customer, and had the same bad behavior of this site on my laptop.
When I switched to my buildt in 3g connection, I had a proper display of the site.
So the customer understood , that it is not a problem of my site, it is a internal problem of their network.
Then, they told me, that they have the same ugly layout when visiting their own homepage from their internal network.

Solution: The customer is a big farmer, and they have no cable internet to their office, as they are outside of the city.
They use internet with a LTE - Box. They have a very bad LTE connection, and their LTE box is poorly configured. For a reason I do not know (its up to their admin) this box is permanently switching between 3g and 4g.
This seems to be the problem.

May be it helps someone.



von stefan kern - am 01.02.2015 16:32
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