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[WB 18]Report - Programmed Break

Startbeitrag von Ericus am 17.01.2015 10:05


I am sure other developers are using the Programmed Breaks in reports successfully but I cannot get my head around the code.

According to the Help this is the code that goes in to the BREAK? HEADER section

nSupplier is int = 0
// Retrieve the identifier of the supplier
nSupplier = ExtractString(gfsLine, 1, TAB)
// Find the name of the supplier
HReadSeekFirst(SUPPLIER, SupplierNum, nSupplier)
IF HFound() = True THEN
// Initialize the control
SupplierName = SUPPLIER.Company
// Return the identifier of the supplier
RESULT nSupplier

So I assume the example refers to some table that is printed with a break in each supplier name. I don't know where the RESULT goes to and I don't know what the gfsLine refers to but I get the general idea.

I want to create a report on customers and customer categories. So for every change in Customer Category i.e. from Cash Customers to Dealers I want to break the report and print the customers belonging to that category.

That I sort of get right. However, I also want to print just a list of the customers with the break and only sorted by Customer Code.

My result is that the programmed break now occurs with each customer code instead of a blank heading where the category used to be and just sorted by customer code.

I know I can create 2 reports and don't use the programmed breaks but if I understand how it all fits together I have lot's of other users for the programmed breaks.

Any help please.

Thanks in advance.

Ericus Steyn


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