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CCFeedback Component [WD19]

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 21.01.2015 21:47

Does anyone have any experience with this component?

I am just looking for some advice before investing too much time with this.

Does it work? Do end-users use it? Useful or otherwise?

TIA for any advice.



Hi DerekM,

We have been using it for a while, but users are not really using it.

On the technical side there are many downside to use the component (for us at least). Here are few points. (We sent many suggestions for improvement since many years and never had improvements on it.)

- This is not possible to personalize the component to use a picture that represents your software. You always have PCSoft's girl when you start it. The official answer was that a right click allows to change the image. Yep, but only use based and which user will care about that?

- The component is very slow to start (sometimes you think your software just crashed).

- We cannot change the way the reports are sent. (i.e. always by email... cannot use a web service for immediate feedback).

- The component cannot be personalized to include desired style and behaviour. (i.e. you can't desable features you do not want).

- Field order is a mess in many screens.

- The component is almost 7 MB. (Not much in our days, but quite much in some use cases.)

I can't remember other points right now. Last week I have been asked to remove it from our mainstream application. The sales dep. saw that is was "detonating" with the general aspect of our software, was almost not used... so we removed it. We want to build an integrated one. (We already have a crash report tool integrated with a Web Service and email notifications which works great. So we will expand that tool to also receive user feedback. The only part that will be longer to integrate is the screenshot tools. But this is not a big deal. We will probably use the same format to be compatible with the CC.)

Hope this feedback will help you take a decision. From our point of view, this is easily integrated, takes some time to configure. It brings immediate results as feedback tool, but down the road you will probably want to make one for yourself for any given reasons.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 22.01.2015 13:32
Thank you Alexandre for the detailed response. Exactly the level of information that I was hoping for.

In this case I am able to leverage your experience. And the PCSoft's girls are not PC in the Anglosphere :)

von DerekM - am 26.01.2015 22:31
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