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[WD17] I shot down the HFSQL Server with a Query

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 22.01.2015 21:42


today I got a urgent mail from one of my customer: The HF SQL Server is not responding.

After some tests with a copy of the database at my developer laptop I saw the reason:

I have a query with a lot of parameters, 4 or 5 with "is in the list". My lists are GUIDs (32 chars+";").
If the user chooses 3 of theses parameters, the query returns an answer after 5 seconds, if he clicks also the 4 th parameter the HF SQL Server has 25 % utilisation and never returns an answer. The parameters are not the reason, 3 at the same time working, 4 not.

The only way to stop this is to restart the hf sql server.

Any ideas ?


Hi Michael,

not direct a solution, but WD20 should be optimized for the use of "is in the list" parameters.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 23.01.2015 07:47
Hih ow do you define your list.

I use list as well and have hd no problems so far



von Allard - am 23.01.2015 08:22
Hi Allard,

My tables have always a key with a GUID. If the user want to get information about more then one item I add the GUIDs and put these string as a parameter in a query. Runs for years.

But I never have had so much GUID-Lists at the same time in the past.

von Michael Drechsel - am 23.01.2015 08:30

Had a similar problem, although the sever never refused to respond, when using multiple options submitted as a 'CONTAINS' statement.
Cannot remember but I think this was with HFSQL v18 and the max length of the strings I was using was 15.

What I did in the end was to write the query by hand and for the multiple strings I was sending as 'in the list' I ran a loop and inserted these in the query as individual 'OR value = target' conditions and called the query using HExecuteSQLQuery().
Not saying it completely solved the problem but a did make a great difference and got me of the hook.

Personally I have always thought that hand written queries operate more efficiently than those created in the Query editor but I may be fooling myself on this one.

Bit more work but may help in your situation.

von DerekT - am 23.01.2015 09:57
Hi Derek,

finally I solved it. My query joins 5 files and I moved some of the the parameters to other (=source) files.
Maybe I have overestimated the intelligence of the HF SQL query optimisation algorithm.

von Michael Drechsel - am 23.01.2015 10:15
Hi Michael,

You can create a query in the editor and copy and paste the SQL code to text to tweak it.
I use hExecuteSQLquery often if a query is only used once in my project.
If you like you can paste it back into the query and let WX reverse engineer it.
I often do that to optimize joins or remove redundant files that WX adds to the query.


von Piet van Zanten - am 24.01.2015 10:39
Hi Piet,

I know. But my current problem has to do with the "intelligence" of the hf sql server.

Lets say you have two files:

Customer with GUID and Contract_GUID
Contract with GUID

and a query

select * from customer,contract where customer.contract_guid=contract.guid

The customer file has 1.000.000 records and the contract file has 1.000 records.

Till yesterday I thought thats no matter where I have to put the Parameter "contract_guid" (in the contract file or in the customer file). But thats not true. You have to set the parameter in the smaller file.
The speed ratio is 1:30 in my case (the query is much larger as in this simple example)

von Michael Drechsel - am 24.01.2015 15:17
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