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WebDev 19 - simple? How to get the content of a cell...

Startbeitrag von Joel am 27.01.2015 15:01

I know this must be easy, but it's my typical problem with WebDev, I have a hard time finding the answers I need in the help. I have a table that is gets rows added to it programmably. (I building a website builder).

Now, when I click the link in the cell, I need to return the name of that link. For example it the link is for the "About Us" page, I need to return "About Us" to get the correct page info to display.



I can get the row number to show up , but not the name of the link - or what the link is called.

von Joel - am 27.01.2015 15:13
Got it!

Spent an hour on this silly little piece of code..

RowSelected is int = TableSelect(TABLE_Menu)
STAHTM_Body = COL_MenuItem[RowSelected]..Value

Ugh! This is what takes me so long in programming! Inexperience...


von Joel - am 27.01.2015 16:19
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