Need WD120SQS.DLL for OLEDB connect to SQL Server?

Startbeitrag von Sohan am 16.04.2010 03:25


Up till now I have always used native acces to connect to sql server.

SQLConnect(server, user, pwd, database, "sql server")
Now I want to experiment with connecting through OLEDB.
I tried:

SQLConnect(server, user, pwd, database, "sql server", hOledbSQLServer)
SQLConnect(server, user, pwd, database, "sql server", "SQLNCLI")
But in both cases I get the error:

Unable to load the access DLL "WD120SQS.DLL" or the access DLL "WD120SQLServer.DLL".
WD120SQS.DLL is the library that handles native access to sql server, right? I thought that by using the OLEDB parameter of the SQLConnect command (6th argument), that Windev is instructed not to use native access. So why is it complaining about the DLL? I don't have it. I purchased sql server native access for wd11 some time ago, and I don't want to upgrade. So I have a WD110SQS.DLL but not a WD120SQS.DLL.

Surely I am doing something wrong.



Hi Sohan,

If you leave out the argument (6th argument) "sql server" does it work?

I have never used native access but have no problems using oledb to connect to MSSQL databases.


von Milton - am 16.04.2010 04:25
I believe you should change the "sql server" parameter to "oledb"

SQLConnect(server, user, pwd, database, "oledb", hOledbSQLServer)
SQLConnect(server, user, pwd, database, "oledb", "SQLNCLI")
or (depends on the version of sql-client)
SQLConnect(server, user, pwd, database, "oledb", "SQLNCLI10")

von Arie - am 16.04.2010 08:02
Many thanx, Arie, "oledb" did the trick. I have it running now.


von Sohan - am 16.04.2010 11:35
Hi ,

gSourceName=gserver+ "\"+gInstance
nTempEXPRESS is an int =SQLConnect( gSourceName, gUsername,gPassword,gDatabase,"OLEDB",hOledbSQLServer)

// The connection was successful
Info("The connection was successful")
// The connection failed: displaying an error message
Error("The connection to the data source failed." + CR + ...
"Error code: " + SQL.Error + CR + SQL.MesError)

NOTE:and we need to make sure the SourceName,Username,Password,Database...

von vani - am 02.03.2015 07:47
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