How to get data from a Looper back to the array it is binded to?

Startbeitrag von DanM am 29.01.2015 03:35

The user is presented with a looper of quoted items. I want the user to be able click on a check box for the rows they want to convert to a sales order line item but when they click on the check box for a line or several lines ... the data has not been moved from the looper field to the array field which the looper is binded to ... and I need it to get the value of the check box(es) to the array so I can create a sales order line item for each of the selected quote line items in the array

So how do I move data in a looper checkbox control that is binded to the List Class Array (quote Line Items. Selected) to the array it is bound to?

According to the help it says Page toSource does not affect tables or loopers ... and tableSave & LooperSave do not work in WebDev ? Any Ideas? Basically trying to allow user to select (click a check box) and then update the array that is is binded to


Hi Dan,

To solve this kind of problem, we simply catch the modify event of the desired column / control to write back the data manually directly in the array. For doing this we have a hidden column / attribute which has the internal ID of the desired item. We search the item in the array and set the value of the required field/member directly.

This is not the best, but works quite well. We use this method a lot for tables, invoice entry tables, etc, so we can give immediate feedback to the user after any change.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 29.01.2015 13:40
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