[WD19] - HDeleteFile()

Startbeitrag von ICI am 29.01.2015 19:38

I try to delete some folders created in BDD folder (HDeleteDirectory(MyConnection,...)
Help say: Must be empty.
I try to delete, but error say . Lock is required.
I try to HLockFile() but file can not be locked or file can be deleted. Next error is
displayed about wrong lock and fist file and circle is closed for me.

What can I do in this situation ? Help needed.

Regards !


stop the hfcs server ???

von Jan de Bruin - am 29.01.2015 22:29

Use HDeleteFile() to delete HFSQL files. Then use HDeleteDirectory().

I have no experience here, but if the files are used by the analysis, you might want to HClose() them or even HCloseAnalysis().

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 30.01.2015 13:31
Hi Jan
If I stop server, then I loose all connections to server and application become unusable.
Whatever. It also don't work.

Hi Alexandre.
Yes. It says Help.
I try it all. HClose(), hChangeConnection(), hChangeDirectory(),...
For me, it is not possible to hDelete() file on HFSQL Server and off course hDeleteDirectory().

Thank you for your time and try.

von ICI - am 04.02.2015 10:19
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