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[WB19] PageAddress() Actual URL Address

Startbeitrag von Randall am 02.02.2015 14:58


Is there any way to retrieve the Actual URL Address of the Web Page? For some reason throughout our website, the URL displays the Previous Page :confused:, even when the page is refreshed it does not update the URL with the Current Page Address. What shows up in Debug is Not the same as what shows up in the Address bar.

Thanks in Advance for any help on this...


Hi Randall,



von Piet van Zanten - am 03.02.2015 17:17
Hi Piet,


I thought you were wondering what PageAddress was... but now I'm thinking it's your Reply. Please note the Subject line... and my original Question is basically, "How come PageAddress() does Not return the Actual URL Address?".

On our entire site, the URL always displays the PreviousPage, while PageAddress() returns the CurrentPage... and when I tried programmatically clicking a button to update that info, the URL remains the Same.

This is a problem when using IETab, because when the page refreshes... it goes Back a page!

Many Thanks

von Randall - am 03.02.2015 17:34
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