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An interesting Tool whose features should be borrowed by PCSoft

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 03.02.2015 07:28

While searching for a good Web Layout designer that will allow me to build responsive web layouts without the usual headache that is involved in creating the layouts and testing them in multiple browsers and devices I ran into this amazing tool called Macaw.

After playing with it felt that PCSoft should borrow their Stream engine technology and use it in WX.

For those who feel interested please check this url: http://macaw.co/

I am interested in knowing as to what others feel about this.

Finally it is priced very reasonably.


Yogi Yang



I'll be taking a look.

Just hope it's not another web outfit promising some web development magic?

...but thanks for letting us know.

von DarrenF - am 03.02.2015 08:31

Yes cool. PC Soft should indeed add this kind of responsive stuff. I took a look at the video's they have posted, The media queries in the css determinie the responsiveness. and these are not that difficult, the resulting css media queries in css are little code

I guess PC soft should be able to add stuff like this to it. They already support mobile templates. they need a feature like this app that allows for editing several templates at one time.

Indeed cool.



von Allard - am 03.02.2015 10:37

Indeed macaw.co is a very interesting template tool. I'll give it a try.

WebDev is not that far since it's good at making template, just not best of bread, of course. The difference is that macaw.co is really oriented as a design tool with everything needed for that at hand, whereas WebDev is a development tool and offers developers their tools at hand. I always found that the design part to make a Web Sites in WebDev takes quite some time because you must play in many windows to apply styles, adjust things, etc. On that side macaw.co looks faster the way the interface is made and reacts. The generated code is also very nice.

If WebDev would add a kind of "design mode" to simplify the template / design process of Web Site development, this would be great. (Just a matter of simplifying what is already there and bringing designers tools at hand with less clicks and more features.)

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 03.02.2015 14:03
Actually it would say that instead of building such features and adding them to WinDev it would be better to borrow the technology of Stream Engine from macaw.co. Why reinvent the wheel when someone has already invented it? :)

Personally I think borrowing robust technology is better then trying to rebuild something same or similar from scratch. Take for example Corel Corporation the makers of world most widely used vector drawing software - CorelDraw!

They were facing bottlenecks in speed of screen refreshing and rendering. So what did they do they licensed and adopted the Rendering engine from Xara Group (now Magix AG) the makes of the worlds fastest Vector Drawing software that supports using and applying Photoshop Plugins effects to vector objects.

Just my two cents ;)


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 07.02.2015 04:53
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