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migrate mysql to hfsql

Startbeitrag von Noel Tanti am 07.02.2015 13:56

HI All

I might need to migrate a few mysql database to a HFsql server

If there a quick way of doing it? Any particular software to purchase?




wdconver.exe ????

I used it for several occasions


von Jan de Bruin - am 07.02.2015 16:36
Hi Jan

did not know it existed.
will try it out


von Noel Tanti - am 07.02.2015 18:56
Hi Noel

I'm sure you have good reason to mobe the data to HFSQL, however I must admit I go the other way. There is just no comparison between HFSQL and MySQL. The later is way faster, more flexible, more robust. Triggers work as they should, as do transactions, and the underlying files of the database are way more compact. Of course you do need to do a little more by hand in some cases, but I just wrote a simple SQL class which covers a lot of that.

Anyway good luck with your transfer!


von Paul Turner - am 07.02.2015 21:51
I agree with Paul, especially when you have very complex SQL statements. Just create a view using the SQL and and access that view in WD as a single table. The only downside is you have to make changes to the database manually.....minor issue.

Paul, prepared to share your SQL class? If yes, lets talk: mixgh at yahoo dot com. I have a separate application for backup and restore using mysql dump with WD compression I can share. I install it at all my sites.


von issah - am 09.02.2015 17:15
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