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[WB19] Ajax Table position lost

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 09.02.2015 09:32


I'm talking about classic dynamic sites and all kinds of tables loaded in memory, linked to file/variable or filled by programming.
Recently I noticed that Ajax tables loose it's position after any action that involves a submit.
So I scroll to the part of a table outside the visible range and select a line.
After a submit the selection is kept, but it now is outside the visible range because the table positions itself at the beginning.
TablePosition always returns 1, so there's nothing I can do to restore the position by programming.
This is really bad behavior, because it is confusing to the user and he needs to scroll back to the original position.

I'm not absolutely sure but assuming that I would surely have noticed this flaw in the past, I suspect that this is new behavior.
I don't have a clue why this has started happening at a given point in time.
It happens in testmode and deployed on the most recent application server.
Can someone confirm this strange behaviour?
I sent a report to PCSoft.



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