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[WD19] Hyperlink within a static control

Startbeitrag von PascalS am 11.02.2015 08:58

Can't find a way to create a hyperlink within a static control like this (the copyright fee at the bottom right). It seems that STC_Control = HTMLToText([a href=http://www.mapquest.com]this[/a]) doesn't work (< = [ and > = ]).
Same counts for RTF-format?!?

Is there a work around? I thought about a combination of "static controls" and "web buttons" (e.g.: Click -> ShellExecute(http://www.mapquest.com)), but as the content may change, it's necessary to set the width of those controls to something like "wrap content" (I can't finde a way to do so) and the position programatically.

Thanks in advance,




why don't you use a button for this?
You can change the style so that it looks like a hyperlink.

The click code could be :


von Joris - am 11.02.2015 12:06
Seems to be the only way to work around, but won't look as "professional" as it's supposed to: various emty space between those buttons/links, no flexibility in having text only parts between links, it's not as easy to implement, needs more space in general...

von PascalS - am 11.02.2015 12:51

you can do it in an edit field, there is an option for that

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.02.2015 14:45
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