Question/best practices on skin templates

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I have a question on skin templates and would like your advice on best practices.

My question: I created a custom skin template. For some reason this skin template is listed twice in the window that allows you to select a skin template to apply. Does anyone know how Windev builds the list of available skin templates? I thought it just read the templates directory but there is only one custom template of that name physically in the Personal\templates directory.

Another question has to do with best practices on using skin templates in a multi-developer environment: The skin template is saved on the local machine. So how do I share it with other developers (on different locations) and efficiently manage changes to the skin templates? Do you include the skin template in scm? In a separate project or in the applications project? If so, do you then use the directory of the template in the Personal\templates directory as the local working directory of the template project in scm?



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