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[WD19] Change Static value in a Table Break control

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 22.02.2015 15:43

Hi guys,

I have a Table control with a Break. I've placed a Static control on the Break header to display a string (product description).

Now, to avoid having to refresh the whole Table again, I thought I would try to change it directly. The online Help gives a few examples, but I can't seem to get it to work, even if I issue a TableDisplay.

Does anyone know the syntax to do this?


Hello Darren

Let me complain first, ok :)

The whole table break process is really weird and only half complete and still after all these years has no proper sub total function with sub totals in columns.

Ok, I am calmer now.

This is code that I use in the table row display and I don't think it is the best way but after quite a few hours fiddling with other methods, this works so we keep using it.

I set the colours, then I have to check for "CR" and Tabs because the data is from users
The string comes from the current row
I think the secret is the single fullstop instead of the more usual ".."

WorkTypeBreakHeader..BrushColor = SysInfo3.EStProdItemBGrndColour
WorkTypeBreakHeader..Color = SysInfo3.EStProdItemTxtColour
LBUHeaderString = BU_TABLE.BU_WorkType[BU_TABLE]
LReplaceString is string =""
LReplaceString = Replace(LBUHeaderString,CR," ")
LReplaceString = Replace(LReplaceString,TAB," ")
BU_TABLE[BU_TABLE].WorkTypeBreakHeader = LReplaceString


von Al - am 22.02.2015 16:29
Hi Al,

Yes, I'm starting to get a little tiny bit frustrated with this processing as well :mad:

If I do it your way, I get an error saying it's trying to update ".", presumably because it's expecting a ".."!

The Table content is derived from a query. The "ProductTitle" is linked to the "Title" returned in the query.

The Break header on the Table control looks like this:
[attachment 1362 HeadBreak.PNG]

My code is as follows but nothing seems to happen:

WTABLE_Product_Variants[glocaliTempPosN].WLPBRK_BreakHeader1.WSTC_ProductTitle = "xxxxxxxx"

If I use the following code it errors:

WTABLE_Product_Variants[WTABLE_Product_Variants].WLPBRK_BreakHeader1 = "xxxxxxx"

Error at line 347 of Click WPB_Save process.
Attempt to modify value of .
type: Internal Object.
No value can be assigned to this type of object.

von DarrenF - am 22.02.2015 19:03
Hello Darren

Sorry but I may have mislead you. My code is not in the table row display but in the break header code.


von Al - am 22.02.2015 19:44
Hmm, yeah, what I'm trying to do is update the text in the header only, i.e. I don't want to Hexecute the query again as it takes too long to run.

von DarrenF - am 22.02.2015 21:09
Hello Darren

The text for my header is contained in an invisible column of the table I am presenting onscreen so if you included your data in each row you could use the breaks without having the re-run the query.
I am working with memory tables


von Al - am 22.02.2015 21:41
Hi Al,

Sounds similar to what I have. I too have an invisible column returned by the query but then I place a static in the header and Link it to the corresponding query column.

How have you configured your table control? Are you actually using the in-built Table breaks?

von DarrenF - am 22.02.2015 22:01

I'm a bit rusty on Windev, but I think you need to use any subscript from a row belonging to the break you need to address.
Do a tablesearch on the column for each item that triggers a break.
To update the controls in the break you use that subscript.


von Piet van Zanten - am 23.02.2015 09:32
Hello Darren

I am using the built in table breaks.
My static in the break header is not linked to anything. It gets its value from the code in the "Displaying a row of BreakHeader1" event


von Al - am 23.02.2015 09:44
Hi Piet,

Yes, I have the subscript of the selected row in the break. Thanks for the pointer re TableSeek as I was about the start writing code to step backwards through the list to find the 1st item in the break. Hopefully the TableSeek function is lightning fast as there are a max of (potentially) 14,000 items (and growing) returned by the query.

von DarrenF - am 23.02.2015 10:21
Hi Al/Piet,

Ok, thanks for the info. Between your responses and Piet's response, I think I now have a good view of the processing I need to implement. I'll give your responses a try.

Thanks again guys - your help is much appreciated... :spos:

von DarrenF - am 23.02.2015 10:36

My experience is that TableSeek is fast and ArraySeek is lightning fast.
So in some cases I'm using an extra array, following the table, just for this purpose. To find a row faaast.

But that doesn't affect your table-break issue. You can add the array-seek afterwards if you find it's getting slow.

von Arie - am 23.02.2015 10:52
Thanks everyone - a combination of all the comments in this thread help me fix this issue.

1) Unlink the static control from the query.
2) Add a line of code in the display break header.
3) After user presses the Save button, added TableSeek to find the first row of the break group + code to update the table control contents.

von DarrenF - am 24.02.2015 00:22
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