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Font of the table header (WB18)

Startbeitrag von Antonio GS am 25.02.2015 10:44

Hi :)

I will explain the problem that i'm currently trying to solve. I'm using WebDeb 18.

I have a table, with a lot of columns, where the header has a style and a white Font.

When I push a button, I prepare the columns of the table (make visible or invisible depending on some factors) and set the contain of the header by code in a looper by programming with something like that

{"TABLE_MyTable.COL_Column"+(nTitle)}..Title = QRY_GetTitle.Title

So the problem is that when I add this text in the labels, the text appears in black and it should be in white as the style of the header is set in the "Description" menu.

So my question is... is there is a way to apply my correct style (white font) to the header of this table? It can be during the modification of the header or just after all the process edit the caption of the headers by code.

Thank you and best regards.



Hi Antonio,

I had exactly the same problem in WB19 and could not solve it, I considerer it a bug.
I just gave up using a white font.


von Piet van Zanten - am 25.02.2015 12:59
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