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Recieve cookies from website call

Startbeitrag von Sammy Broeders am 26.02.2015 14:41


Is it possible to open a website in Windev 18 and recieve the cookies from the site?
It is an order website and i need this cookies to get the products in the cart with an API call.


Hi Sammy

yes it is and there is an example available 'somewhere' (in webdev, in the help, in a lst, on the pcsoft site?)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 26.02.2015 14:46
I asked this quiestion before but can´ stil find the right answer. I tried a lot of things!

The thing i need is when i visit the website in a html controle that i receive the cookies, then i can create a API call with that cookies to receive the content of the cart.

I tried HTTPCookieGet, HTTPCookieRead enz..

von Sammy Broeders - am 26.02.2015 18:03
Or is there mayby a possibility to receive the cookie in Windev from a site wich is open in Internet Explorer? That should also help me.

Thanks, Sammy

von Sammy Broeders - am 27.02.2015 14:13
I also tried to add cookies on a http request (opening a website) with the code below, but this is also not working.


HTM_HTML1 = NieuweUrl

von Sammy Broeders - am 04.03.2015 18:18

von Sammy Broeders - am 07.03.2015 15:58

von Sammy Broeders - am 10.03.2015 20:19
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