WB19 - Looper control without attributes doesn't work?

Startbeitrag von Joel am 28.02.2015 19:39

Hi All -

Trying to make a looper control without attributes - help file for LooperAdd function says:

For a Looper control without attributes:
// Add an empty row

// Position on the empty row
Subscript = LooperCount(LOOP_Looper1)
// Then, initialize the controls
LOOP_Looper1[Subscript].ControlLastName = "Hobbes"
LOOP_Looper1[Subscript].ControlFirstName = "Samantha"

I have done this and doesn't work. Works ok with attributes, but it's a pain to add in all the attributes in the looper and attach them to the controls - what's up?


Hi Joel

AFAIK, that way of working with loopers works only for WINDEV, and not for all properties

It is much better to use attributes

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.02.2015 20:14
Thanks Fabrice!
That explains it!
I just looked at the help files and unless I'm really missing something, it doesn't say that the without attributes approach only works with WinDev. That's a bit frustrating!

Thanks again - You Rock!


von Joel - am 01.03.2015 14:52
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