WD19 windows 2000 server

Startbeitrag von DW am 05.03.2015 19:21


I installed HFSQL on a windows 2000 server with sp4 (Upgrade from WD16). The Mata service is runing but when I try to login from the control center the server is not runing. when I try to start it it gives an error can not start server.

Has anyone had this issue?



Hi DW,

>I installed HFSQL on a windows 2000 server ?

Really ? A OS which is now 15 years old and I don´t know how long we don´t got updates from Microsoft ....
Not your best idea I think ....

von Michael Drechsel - am 05.03.2015 21:14

I agree all the way, but... that is what the customer has, They had a second sever with 2008 but it runs all the Remote Desktop Connection so it has very slow data access. Plus when I did the push from the win 2008 server it had errors on half the machines it tried to install on. With WD16 on the win 2000 was fast and the push worked like a charm installed on all 50 clients with no problems.


von DW - am 05.03.2015 22:33
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