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javascript RAD

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 06.03.2015 14:54

i found this software while googling for javascript RAD tools .

this software is still at vb6 level but enough to show us what javascript can do.

i hope that windev can also use to generate SPA app written in javascript . that will be very cool.


Yes verry cool. we need some kind of windev for the web .

Though this looks cool , coding is in javascript and that is a big issue. Wlanguage is way easier. We are verry spoiled to be able to use w language. The syntax is stripped from all the obviour stuff that is needed in other languages. This makes the syntax easy and thus quite complex stuff stays readeble

View weeeks ago I build functionality to import banktransactions.It went as espected so I added functionality that made it possible to not only import transactions but also interpreted the transactions and book them into the financial section of the app . All was done in one day. for the coding part and two days doing the analysis of how the imported file looks like etc.

This is speed super speed and it is all because of the easy yet powerful wlanguage. I never see myself doing this kind of stuff in javascript

just my opinion



von Allard - am 08.03.2015 02:34
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