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[WD19] Weird Bug. My code is being ignored.

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 09.03.2015 14:28

I openend a table and form I've been working on and none of my code seemed to have run. My state lookup code didn't populate my combo box. None of my 'Whenever Modifying' code runs. The close button wouldn't work.

But one by one, I am able to make it all work again by adding a one time break point. Once I run it with the break point it works. I delete the break point and it still works. This is quite annoying. I hope it does not happen again, could become a real nightmare.

Anyone ever have a problem like this?

Win7 64 bit, 32 bit version of WD, project is using SCM


Hi Curtis

from time to time, you can encounter a strange problem like that one

The first thing to try is this:
- close the project
- delete the .cpl directory
- delete the .env file
- reopen the project

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.03.2015 14:38
Will try that next time instead of "spraying break points like an uzi". Thanks!

EDIT: Can confirm this works.

von Curtis - am 09.03.2015 15:12
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