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[WB19] SOLVED - HTML Embedded Image - Encode in base 64

Startbeitrag von Peter Holemans am 10.03.2015 21:45

Found it...
The Crypt options need to be separated by a comma and not embedded with a + like I did first...

img is Buffer //WL.Image
img = dLoadImage("C:\WX Projects\UPM_WIN\CRSL_ProcessDuplicates_256_LBL.png",imgConvertir)
TmpImgBase64 is Buffer = Replace(Crypt(img,"",crypteAucun,encodeBASE64),CRLF,"")

==== OLD CODE ====


I'm trying to encode image files into html (as URI).

This can be done by encoding the image buffer in base 64.
However, the WX Crypt encodeBase64 gives me complete different results on an image file buffer string than any other standard Base64 encoding scheme out there...

Has anybody already done this?
I just don't seem to get the right encoding string to work (unicode configuration).

img is Buffer //WL.Image
img = fLoadBuffer("C:\WX Projects\UPM_WIN\CRSL_ProcessDuplicates_256_LBL.png")
TmpImgBase64 is Buffer = Crypt(img,"",crypteAucun+encodeBASE64)

Sample html:

< img src="...
etc etc etc" />

All input welcome!


Peter H.


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