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Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 11.03.2015 04:16

Hi all

WD19 will no longer include my nominated icons in the EXEs it creates. Instead I get that ugly cog it uses as a default. I have deleted the Windows 8 icon cache, rebooted, tried many different icons from both the WD catalog, and downloaded from elsewhere. This is happening in both 32 and 64 bit generated EXEs.

Anyone else seen this behaviour and have any helpful assistance? I've spent 2 days on this so far and got nowhere.



No one have any ideason this one?

I rolled my machine back a week via System Restore and the issue seemed to go away, but now it is back. Problem is with the Windows icon cache sticking it's nose in it is very difficult to diagnose.

Even weirder, I can create an executable and it has the correct icon, then I regenerate and it reverts to the WD cog icon.

Any suggestions, no matter how improbable, are welcome!

von Paul Turner - am 15.03.2015 05:02
What about reinstalling Windev ?

von Luiz Menezes - am 15.03.2015 13:06
Hi Paul,

I've changed the icon of my executable some time (WinDev19) and it takes some time (a day or two) before I got the new icon on my desktop. I don't know why, but after that it works like it should.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 15.03.2015 13:16
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