HRecNum bug with query?

Startbeitrag von Arekusei Timakobu am 11.03.2015 07:40

Hi guys!
Does anyone met with this situation?
I have a TABLE control that display result of SQL query (non-embedded) where I need to delete a record. After reading documentation I do so:

RecordToDelete is int = HRecNum(QRY_Query)

In result RecordToDelete contains invalid record number - it is not match to the real record in the file and record with other record number is deleted.

HDelete(File,RecordToDelete) - incorrect record is deleted
HDelete(QRY_Query,RecordToDelete) - record is not deleted

Is it bug or "feature"?



HRecNum(QRY_Query) returns the number of records found (fetched) by the query not the id of the record.

You need to find the record id.

lnRow is int = TableSelect(MyTable)
RecordToDelete is int = QRY_Query[lnRow].idRecord
RecordToDelete is int = MyTable.idRecord

The query and table display are in memory so you will need to load the selected record from the DB.

von DerekT - am 11.03.2015 09:03

hRecNum on a query returns a sequential number, (counting from 1) that does not correspond to the physical recordnumber.
The physical recordnumber cannot be retrieved in a query.
So you cannot delete a record from the file directly, unless your query contains a unique key to look for the record.
You can delete the record directly from the query, but that will only work if your query is a single file query AND if the query has been executed using the hModifyFile parameter.


von Piet van Zanten - am 11.03.2015 11:28
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