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[WD19] Victory over the dancing folders - at last

Startbeitrag von Al am 16.03.2015 02:06

Hello All

The topic heading will make no sense to those developers who do not have a large number of windows in a project and then store those windows in separate folders in the "Project Explorer" pane, so to recap...
I have folders A to Z inside the "Windows" folder with about 1200 windows. Invariably if you bring a window in from another project or rename an existing one you end up with windows in the general "Windows" folder. In theory you can drag and drop them into another folder but once the number of folders and it seems the number of windows inside the folders gets to a certain value, as you drag a file towards the folder, it "dances" away and then actively dodges the mouse pointer so that it is impossible to drop the files into the correct folder.

Quite by chance, I discovered that if you open the folder above the one you want to drop your files into, you can then drag the files up towards the target folder and actually drop them into the correct folder.

Now if PCSoft will stop randomly arranging the files within the folders into no order or modification date order and just leave them in alphabetical order, my day will be complete.



Hi Al,

Yes, I too have the same "dodgeball" effect on these folders! I'll try your "diversionary tactic" of opening another folder to put the API "off the scent"! ;)

von DarrenF - am 16.03.2015 10:20
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