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fListFile fDelete fFileExists issue WD18

Startbeitrag von Malc am 16.03.2015 15:25

Hi Guys

OK, got a little issue with a service I've written that watches a folder for inbound text files and imports them into a database.

I use fListFile to get a string from which I build an array of files to process
I use fOpen with foReadWrite + foReadLock + foWriteLock so that theoretically, no other program can access it while I'm reading the data.

When the data is successfully processed, I fClose then use fDelete to temove it.

This code has been running since about WD12

I now have an issue where I am importing 2 copies of the file into the database.

Adding some extra debug code with additional fListFile after processing, the file is initially correctly gone ( and fFileExist is false). However milliseconds later another fListFile finds it again!

I have tried modifying the code to rename and delete the renamed file, which again reports success, but the file(s) still mysteriously appear.

Anyone else have similar issues?

I am about to try deleting via ExeRun or API and see what happens.
Also, I might put a pause in the looping, but would like to avoid this as performance is a factor.




OK, tried ExeRun and fFileExist to check deletion. Still re-appears.

I'm guessing something has changed on the server re caching or file indexing or something which is flushing the file back to disk

Next step is a pause in the loop :(

von Malc - am 16.03.2015 16:39
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