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Windev 14 Classic migration to HF Server

Startbeitrag von Andre Fourie am 17.03.2015 07:35


My application is in windev HF Classic single user, In some programs I use Files in 2 different directories simultaneously makeing use Of "HChangedir", I am migrating the system to HFSQL Client server, I know "HChangedir" and Subsdir does not work in HFSQL Server as all the files must be in one location. In my case all the history files are in a different directory, too many files to keep in the same location as my current files. Has anyone come up with a good way to cope with this when migrating to the HFSQL Server. I would really appreciate your expert advice.


Hi Andre,

It is easy...
I assume it concerns different files in different directories.
In that case group the two sets of files in two folders in your analaysis design.

These will point eventually each to there own database on the HFSQL server.
Next you define two connections in code (hdescribeconnection) and do a hChangeConnection for the name of the first group and an hChangeConnection for the second named group in the analysis. (You can use the names of the folders in your analaysis to do it for a whole group of files).


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 17.03.2015 08:35
Thank you Peter

I will certainly try it, makes good sense to me, I will let you know.

Thanks again

von Andre Fourie - am 17.03.2015 08:55
Hi Andre,
I don't know about version 14 but hchangedir works with HFSQL CS form v15 to v19.

Here is link


von Alen U. - am 17.03.2015 16:28
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