[WD17] Popup window on a Table

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 20.03.2015 02:04

I have a table with 5 columns visible. If the user right clicks in the first column I would like a window to popup at the right margin of that column. I therefore have a button off the screen, linked to the Right Mouse click in the column, which fires up the popup.

OpenPopupPosition does not recognise the individual columns/rows of the table so I can't use that. I therefore thought I would use OpenChildor OpenSister with the X & Y positions stipulated. The problem I have is finding the position of the right margin of the column. I can get the position where the mouse click appears easily enough but of course this can be anywhere in that column & I don't want my popup to obscure that data.

The window which contains the table is an MDI child window so I thought MDIParent..X + Window..X + Table..X + ColumnWidth should get me pretty close but it's not. Ignoring column width I'm approx 250 pixels short. As pretty well everything can be moved around, resized etc I have to code this dynamically or at least know why I'm out 250 pixels & that it will be constant.

Anyone have any ideas what I'm missing or if there's an easier way to do this?




Well, I've got a work around but if anyone has any better ideas I'd be pleased to hear them.

I'm using CursorPos to give me the X & Y coordinates & then TableInfoxy to give me the column & row in the table where the mouse click originated. I've simply added the column width to the X coordinate & then run a loop backwards from that to X with TableInfoxy giving me the column no. on each iteration. As soon as the column is the same as my 'mouse click' column I break out of the loop. Not particularly elegant but it does work!


von David Egan - am 20.03.2015 06:27
Hi David,

Could you use TableSelect? This function recognises table column subscripts using tsColumn?

von DarrenF - am 20.03.2015 13:52
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