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Table Query - how to stop the query from executing when page load

Startbeitrag von Peter Zhou am 20.03.2015 10:48


I have a table content to a query in webdev and the query will execute by itself when the page load.

How to make it don't run the query ?

The reason is that it will take some time for it to load and i want to end user to click on a button to run the query,


Peter Zhou


Hi Peter,

In such cases I feed the query an initial parameter that has a non existing value such as -1 for an identifier.
The query will return no records and run very fast.


von Piet van Zanten - am 20.03.2015 11:47
Hi Peter,

The solution of Piet is the simplest which I also use in some cases.

The other solution is to set the property ..BrowsedFile empty (in the page declaration code). Then when the user clicks on a button, you set the property to the desired query. We use this technique in many cases.

Here is a small example of that last option:

REQ.sParam1 = "MyParam"
IF NOT HExecuteQuery(REQ,hQueryDefault) THEN
TABLE..BrowsedItem = ""
TABLE..BrowsedFile = "REQ"

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 20.03.2015 12:53
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