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Broadcast IP Address

Startbeitrag von Ben am 03.06.2008 07:07

When I run the ping command from my command line, I'm able to ping my broadcast IP address (Just to be clear, this is not my own IP address, but the broadcast calculated from my subnet and IP address to ping all devices on my local area).

However, the Ping command from within Windev 12 doesnt seem to give me a response. Any ideas what might be the cause?



I think it is a limitation see the help.

: Character string (with quotes)

Address whose network connection must be checked. This IP address can have the following format :

Address in XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX format ( for instance). This syntax is recommended.
DNS Address (www.windev.com for instance).
Address returned by NetIPAddress

Perhaps you can inform PCSoft and ask for the next release or create a procedure to calculate the IP range of the broadcast address and ping all ip adresses seperatly.

von Carlo Hermus - am 03.06.2008 07:43
Cheers Carlo,

I did create a procedure in the end. I'm also doing some ARP queries as well which are not natively supported :)


von Ben - am 03.06.2008 07:50
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