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Border for bodycontents in Reports

Startbeitrag von Amal Murali am 22.03.2015 13:38

Hi all,

I am facing a problem in Reports. I need to add an outside border to the entire contents in body part of the report..I tried to add border to all individual cells,but gives a weird look..I also tried to add line Shape controls to the body part,it also didn't give the desired effect..actually what I want is a full outside border. I have attached an image in which i border the contents using paint to show what i need.
[attachment 1397 2.png]



Set the board on the body block itself.


von DW - am 22.03.2015 16:30
Hi DW,
Thank you for your response..
But it didnt work..see the image attached..when I tried to add border the body block ,I got the result like this...
Is there any other solution???
[attachment 1399 3.png]

von Amal Murali - am 23.03.2015 06:06

To be quite honest I`m not shure that you can do that with R & Q, at least without a lot of work.

Other report generators (Fomin, List & Label) has a "Page form" where you can draw boxes and other stuff that is supposed to be behind the actual printout.

I have developed an invoice program with WinDev and pretty soon in the development cycle I discovered that I needed a third party report generator.

I choosed List & Label but Devexpress has a good one to.

I attach a couple of screenshots from the report-designer so you know what I`m talking about:

1. A modern designer

2. Possibillities to do this:


von Tor-Bjarne - am 23.03.2015 09:11

Use a break above and below. Use the bottom line of the break header and the top line of the break footer make tem 2 pixels each when done setting them up. then use the right and left only of the body.


von DW - am 23.03.2015 10:29
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