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[WD19] Resizing issues - flickering

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 30.03.2015 16:25

If I create a RAD form, run it, and resize it, everything resizes smoothly.

If I create a blank form, add 2 combo boxes with no link, run it, and resize it, the combo boxes don't look good while resizing and flicker a lot.

How do I get around this? It is quite annoying.


I recall having a similar issue. At that time it was with WD17. We ran into what I believe had to do with AAF and display adaptor drivers.

We could resolve it by right clicking in a blank area of a running window and select "Disable the window animations" That did the trick, but when the user next started the application the problem was back. If memory serves me correct, I think it was finally resolved with updated display drivers.

Dave Black

von Dave Black - am 30.03.2015 21:26
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