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About PCSCloud

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 06.04.2015 12:51

Hi All

Does anyone know monthly/yearly cost traffic consumption/usage in terms ?MB/GB /mth after paying EUR79 after the account opened?

Do you recommend to use or any better alternative instead?

Pls advise and thx in advance





It depends on your needs. And what you want to pay.

You could also rent a vps yourself. Itis possible to hire a vps from about 9 euro per month last time I checked. But then you have to do everything yourself. Installing the application server ( when you upgrade your WX software you have to upgrade the appliation server as well , I guess. ( 400 euro every year ?? )At the pcsoft could you can just upload and run. They handle it all.

If you rent one at a company where you are able to scale up easily then you need not worry about loadbalancing etc, you let them handle that then you have problebly a cheaper solution But you still need to buy the application server and do the upgrades.


von Allard - am 06.04.2015 14:19
Hi Allard

I am a little bit confused about the pcsCloud charges, the paid account
doesn't include minimum traffic and how could I upload and get running
wb sever there provided I got a legit. wb lic.

Pls reply.

Do you have a good vps good2go with all wx config without loading up hfSql server ...?

Thx for your info



von kingdr - am 06.04.2015 15:40

You can get a basic webdev+hf hosting (shared) starting at 5€/month and take it up from there at kalanda.net (for information in english, use contact@kalanda.net)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 06.04.2015 18:08
Cool and thx Fabrice, for yr quik response. :)

von kingdr - am 06.04.2015 18:12

I'm using a VPS at agom.net since several years. Small structure with good technical support.
A VPS is at a different price level than a shared hosting solution but it adds a lot to the stability of your web apps.
Depends on what you'll be using it for...

We had a shared hosting solution at first but that caused often issues (e.g. black listed IP's caused by other apps on the same host, ...)

I'm reluctant to go to PCSCloud because of the simple reason of support (and also a bit because of the 'unclear' pricing structure).
If the support is the same as the standard PCS tech support only working within office hours with a 24 to 72 hour response time at best, without any ability to follow-up tickets raised they can for sure forget about me becoming a customer... I simply cannot sell this kind of support to my customers...

Just my 2 cents,

Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 07.04.2015 09:47
Thanks for your tips Peter, will have a look also.



von kingdr - am 08.04.2015 01:03
Here's a shameless plug for our new Fully Managed Fully configured WEBDEV application server hosting solution.

Go to www.oxsys.co.uk and Choose 'hosting' from the 'products' menu for more info.

No bandwidth limits, fully integrated backups (30 days),
200GB of Raid Disk
Windows 2012 R2 Server
Full RDP access via secure VPN
Dedicated Firewall
MYSQL, SQL Express, HFSQL preinstalled
No limit to number of Sites
Apache based
Webdev App Server upgrades are included every year

This is a totally different proposition to other shared solutions or other basic VPS solutions. This is a high performance turnkey system, ready to go, fully maintained with redundancy.

Ok, so it's more expensive than other solutions but it's a totally different proposition. We even help you to install SSL certificates etc.

Support by phone to UK number during UK business hours

If you need a custom configuration (More disk/ram/etc) then contact us. (Use the form on the website)



von Bob Stratton - am 22.04.2015 15:48
forgot to mention

Single Static IP address is included too..



von Bob Stratton - am 23.04.2015 11:11
Hey Bob

The cost is very expensive/mth.
Do you have anything cheapter than you post on the website?



von kingdr - am 23.04.2015 20:04
Hey King,

You might request a quote at agom.net (jvitry [at] agom [dot] net)... They're definitely cheaper...
Their website sucks but their (technical) service and help is excellent (even outside of business hours in case of an emergency). It's a small organization with excellent support. At least I'm a happy customer over there since 2008...

As a reference setup and pricing: I rent a VPS over there since about 5 years. Included: RDP access, 2 CPUs (need to check which ones), 4GB RAM, 70GB of SAN, Windows Server 2008 R2 License, WebDev App Server license, unlimited nr. of webdev sites, unlimited up/down traffic, daily online db backup to a mirrored data center, fixed IP, several com, eu, be, and other registered domains, .... We pay a yearly fee less than 1.500€ a year excl. taxes I believe (But I do need to check the invoice for the exact amount though).

The data centers they use are in the Paris area which is no issue for any of my European customers since the latency is zero to none...

Check for a quote if you're interested. You can highly customize your options on configuration, backups, high availability etc...


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 23.04.2015 20:35
Great and thx Peter


King :)

von kingdr - am 23.04.2015 23:35
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