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WD 20 new SQL Views and Materialized Views

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 06.04.2015 15:29


Has anyone successfully used the new SQL Views and Materialized Views?

I am trying to put together a Webinar showing the new WD 20 HFSQL features 150-164 and most work great, however after creating and testing SQL Views, I am having problems using them in a test window. It seems no matter what I do it says the view is not initialized.

For Materialized Views, I can read them but a call to HNbRec gives an error that the view is not compatible with the analysis. If I try to synchronize the project with the analysis, the HFSQL Modification gets an error saying can't write to Materialized Views.

So far no response from PC Soft either.


Hi Jeff,

to me, it seems the word 'Pre-Release' has some meaning ... maybe?

von GuenterP - am 06.04.2015 17:07
Hi Guenter,

Yes, I think that is the issue because there also is no way to display these in the HFCC v20 either. I report it to make sure if it is a pre-release issue, it will no be forgotten.

von Jeff Graham - am 06.04.2015 19:29
Hi Jeff,

Incidentally, PCS has announced an update towards version 200057h FR and one of the ítems to be corrected apparently refer to your issue - so hopefully, once it passes towards the second level of acceptance you will be able to re-try your SQL views...


von Tomas Petersen - am 06.04.2015 20:23
Hi Tomas,

Thanks. I am glad to know it is not just my lack of knowledge!

von Jeff Graham - am 08.04.2015 15:50
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