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fTrackDirectory - 5 files

Startbeitrag von David van Pelt am 07.04.2015 12:16


I'm tracking a folder with fTrackDirectory with 2 sub dirs.
As expected when I add a file in one of the folders a procedure will run.
The odd thing is, when I add 5 files or more my service stops working.
I don't get any errors and the procedure is only run once.

The remarks on this function tells that only 5 directories can be tracked.
But I'm talking about files, not dirs so is the documentation wrong or am I doing something wrong?


PROCEDURE handleNewFile(LOCAL sFileDir is string, LOCAL sFileName is string, nAction is int, sFormerFileName is string)
nNewSubscript is int = ArrayCount(garrFileList)+1

// Manual rename for retry, should be noticed
IF nAction = ftRename THEN
IF sFormerFileName = sFileName THEN
ServiceWriteEventLog("Retry handle file, name change with no change.",elInformation)
ServiceWriteEventLog("Retry handle file, name changed old name: "+sFormerFileName+" new name: "+sFileName,elInformation)

// Finding the type and create the right class
SWITCH Lower(ExtractString(sFileName,1,"\",FromBeginning))
CASE "ags"
ArrayAdd(garrFileList, new AgsMessage(sFileDir+["\"]+sFileName, nNewSubscript))
CASE "sagitta"
ArrayAdd(garrFileList, new SagittaMessage(sFileDir+["\"]+sFileName, nNewSubscript))
CASE "emcs"
ArrayAdd(garrFileList, new EmcsMessage(sFileDir+["\"]+sFileName, nNewSubscript))
ServiceWriteEventLog("Unknown file, can't parse... Moving file to safe location..."+RC+Lower(ExtractString(sFileDir,1,"\",FromEnd)) + " - " + sFileName, elWarning)
fMoveFile(sFileDir+["\"]+sFileName, gsSaveLocation+["\"]+sFileName)

Please don't mind the arraycount stuff, I know it's `wrong` but it isn't the problem for sure.

Thanks in advance,


Hi David

Maybe yo have a speed problem... If you create 5 files very rapidly, your process is going to be called 5 times as fast as the files are created...

If you did not code your process to accept that, then you may just be crashing because of it...

So, what I would do in a case like this one is:
- in the procedure called by ftrack... I would ADD the file information in an array
- in a process called in a loop/timer, I would process the content of the array

To test if my hypothesis is correct, comment out ALL the code in the procedure called when a file is tracked ans just trace its information in a file... if you have all of them, then you may want to reorganize things

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.04.2015 13:02
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