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Mobile stable and useful?

Startbeitrag von James Nicholson-Plank am 07.04.2015 21:12

Hi all
I was a webdev windev 14 user but switched a way 4 years ago. However always liked the platform . Looking at mobile developement now and wondering if windev mobile has matured to a stable product I can use and achieve deadlines with. Ie don't run into bug after bug that means I spend all my time chasing my tail.
Appreciate any advice here
Regards James


Hello James.

I can tell about WM 17 (the last version I have). I've only used it for Android platform, and simple apps with underlying SQLite DB. It just worked fine for me. Maybe someone can tell his/her own experience in larger mobile projects. What kind of app are you expecting to code in WM?

By the way, I'm a little curious about Wx penetration in NZ. Have you any comment about that?

Best regards.

von RAUL2 - am 08.04.2015 21:35
Hi Raul
Good to know your happy with WM17, considering 20 is being released soon.

Whats my app? Well Ive been coding one web app since 2006. and some new web apps last year. I see more and more demand for iOS and android apps, so just I'm preparing myself for day I get asked to offer a native mobile front end.

I see a number of major indian commerce sites are dropping their mobile websites and going native app only. I was using mobile web to cover any phones trying to use our app. But I can see the writing on the wall (in indian!)

Currently my business focuses on Real Estate marketing and publishing. My main webapp creates real estate printed magazines and ebooks for a major client.

I looked at Webdev a year ago but for me it was still too buggy. I liked its very cool looking widgets but I needed a solid platform for coding and deploying back and front ends, and easy hosting. Deploying and hosting was always difficult and exceptionally important to me. We have 3 servers doing this.

So last year when deploying became easy on Xojo (and cheap with 2 players) I made a commitment to it to replace my current back and front ends, and am very pleased with the results. Xojo has now released an iOS version, so it can do web, windows, mac, linux, and now iOS. But because of its size and the current projects in front of it , it will be many years before Android is looked at. Hence Im looking around.

I see Android as the consumers app. iOS is great but the average punter can't afford iPhones all the time so many businesses will be focusing on getting to their consumers. Hence Android is important, and I believe Windows Phones will make progress too with win10. And at least PCSoft is considering these even though I see in the forum some are not happy with their progress. Still some progress is better than none.

As to NZ, can't say I know of anyone else playing.

I have followed the product since version 11 and bought all licenses for 12 ( and upgraded to 14). But actually never used it for any projects.

I know the english education side of things has always been patchy, so never really got to grips with the product to a production confident level. Even after buying Fabrices education videos (I think they were videos)

I found Webdev too buggy back then. Plus windev never really catered for the Macs very well (I hate Java Mac apps) So ended up coding my web app in good old asp pages and xojo (then real basic) for mac and windows.

However maybe version 20 is the landmark for mobile for me :-) and if it works well maybe Ill re-look at the others. Who knows.

But thanks for the feedback on mobile. It bodes well if your happy with v17 and 20 is on its way

Thanks again

von James Nicholson-Plank - am 08.04.2015 22:18
Hi James,

We have a few apps deployed on Android and iOS with WDM and at this point I can say without a doubt that the Windev Mobile stuff is the best method I've found of producing native apps and trust me... I've tried every IDE / Framework I can find.

I will always continue looking at new / updated development environments, in search of that holy grail experience, but right now, WinDev is it. Below are the ones that I've spent time installing, setting up and learning. Some of which were absolute nightmares.

Appcelerator never worked straight out of the box...especially on windows
Alpha Software pretty nice and has potential... especially in the offline field. This one could be a contender down the road.
Xamarin didn't like this one at all
Ionic this one I like for quick and dirty stuff. Has quite a bit of potential and worked out of the gate.
Android Studio Definitely one to watch. I especially like that they put in multi views like Windev Mobile IDE. Also I like that does a pretty good job with dependancy imports.
Embarcadaro - I'm a long time Delphi developer so this one was really interesting. I think within time, as this one matures it will be another contender.

There are hiccups / frustrations in every single development I've ever used, however, the WD Mobile stuff is the only one that I've used that had the feature sets needed up front AND the ability to add in native code for the target platform if required.

Good luck!

von KenKnight - am 09.04.2015 13:39
Hi Ken.

What version of WM are you using?

Did you try Smartface? I didn't but it seems good.


von RAUL2 - am 09.04.2015 14:54
Cheers Ken
Thanks for h heads up.
Yes I bought alpha 5 years ago and it is good. But back then every time I wanted to deploy I had problems. Especially with their pricing.
I was interested in all the ones you listed especially Embarcadero .
So it looks like windev mobile is a real contender. If I could just get a look at it I might buy it.
Yesterday attempted to download the express version but the download cuts out at exactly one hour. And even though I have the fastest connection possible bar fibre I still can't download 1.5 gig in an hour.
I've contacted pcsoft so maybe they can help.
Again thanks for your feedback

von James Nicholson-Plank - am 09.04.2015 22:37

Try to use a download manager to download so that you can resume download if it gets aborted.

I personally prefer to use JDownloader.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 10.04.2015 03:48
There are other Mobile app dev tools like:

NS Basic (https://www.nsbasic.com/)
Basic4Android (http://www.b4x.com/b4a.html)
Basic4iOS (http://www.b4x.com/b4i.html)
FPC for Smart Phones (http://wiki.freepascal.org/Smartphone_Development)
Smart Mobile Studio (http://smartmobilestudio.com/)

Do check them.

The most reasonably priced and well performing tools are from B4X. When I say well performing I mean hassle free. Just install and start developing in them. Just like it is possible in case WM.


von Yogi Yang - am 10.04.2015 04:39
Hi Yogi
Thanks , JDownloader worked a treat

Cheers James

von James Nicholson-Plank - am 10.04.2015 07:02

I have looked at tons of apps. And everytime it looks great . But if you want to develop something complicated it gets difficult.

The power of windev mobile is wlanguage. Sometimes we, as wx developers take this for granted but it is the real power that and the sharing of code.

There are other platforms. wakanda for instnce is pretty powerfull and with data binding one can create cool stuff verry fast. The webintterfce is responsive and creating the most stunning interfaces is possible. But if you donnot want to use databinding because you want to do stuff that is not standard then developing costs a lot of time.

WX is a product that gives enough to do some heavy plumming if you want. But W language keeps things simple so you can create complex stuff and after a few months still easily see what you have made and how it works.

Just my experiance



von Allard - am 10.04.2015 10:01
Thanks allard

Sometimes higher level frameworks give you speed on one hand but take away flexibility with the other. Nice to here such positives about wlanguage

Cheers james

von James Nicholson-Plank - am 10.04.2015 10:31

I am primarily a Clarion developer but also own and "dabble" with Windev 18 and Basic4Android. Basic4Android is a great product at a very reasonable price.
I only purchased it late last year so I am still pretty green as a user. When I purchased it I was given a 50% off Discount Token. I think it's still valid, so you are welcome to use it if you wish.

Basic4Android 50% Discount Token coupon code is: fqrkoy

I am interested about Xojo as I looked at it a few year back (before it had the name change). Are you saying you currently develop all your Web and Windows applications using Xojo

Steven Muller
New Zealand

von StevenM - am 10.04.2015 23:51
Hi Steven
Yes xojo is a great product.
I'm doing mainly web apps which it is great for. It's secret weapon is container controls.
Making your own control from a number of other controls. This allows exceptional flexiblity .
It is an object oriented language with interfaces and very good inheritance.

Because we publish magazines we have both mac and windows. So xojo is great at creating these products. Plus it has a very active forum for help.
It's my main tool. I recommend it to anyone who wants to create real Mac apps and not java pretenders . Plus it's ideal for web apps with a one click deployment to a hosted xojo environment .
I looked at webdev a year ago and asked this forum for there thoughts. I ended up going with xojo and I'm very happy with my choice
As you can tell I'm a fan...
It doesn't have the really pretty controls windev provides for windows and the web.
It does have a great way to create your own via container controls plus it's rock solid. And the rock solid swung me.
Thanks for the offer for basic for android but I also bought a license. I'm going to relook at it as well as windev mobile which I've just downloaded

Regards James

von James Nicholson-Plank - am 11.04.2015 10:53

I have been using RB the ancestor of Xojo. And I am satisfied with it.

I purchased Xojo last year but I felt is so slow that uninstalled it and have never looked at it. For me at the moment developing for OS X is not a priority. But I have managed to run apps developed in WD using WINE on OS X and they run really very well. Yes they do look different than a standard OS X app though. ;)

For multi platform I would say you to look at Xero Coder. It is not that matured but looks promising I am waiting for the new version 5 release.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 11.04.2015 12:01
So James,

Are you Web Apps hosted in Sydney?


von StevenM - am 12.04.2015 05:29
Yes Steven
this is Phillip Zedalis company and he hosts Xojo webapps .
His servers start at as little $15 US a month. These host as many webapps as your happy with the performance. I run the $25 US a month version.

He has server farms in the US and the webapp speed was fine there, but when he set up in Sydney its so much better for NZ access


von James Nicholson-Plank - am 12.04.2015 20:03

Is xojo free? I saw pricing on the site but a statement that development is freen as well. Dor web apps this looks a good tool The coding looks a lot like wlanguage the controls arelimited though. For desktop windev is far superior but for web apps this looks to me an alternative for webdev.



von Allard - am 20.04.2015 14:33

Downloaded the xojo suit. Hmm I think Iam going to stay with webdev. Webdev costst more but has a lot more to offer controls etc. huh the way it handels a db huh webdev is way way better.

It is in an other dimention

just my thoughts after taking a good look at xojo



I must say again I have to admid that wx rocks. Shotcommingsare ok but way more great stuff that simply isnot availeble in other suites

von Allard - am 20.04.2015 18:06
Hi Allard
I did say webwev is much prettier. But Windev has some serious flexibilty in creating anything you can really think of, and presenting it the way you want. That said yes it takes more work, and I can vouch for that.

I remember your post to me 5 months ago about web dev. At that time I was looking for a way to produce a complete "pretty" website and because of css issues in webbev I dismissed it. However my solution eventually was a design tool, iframe and xojo to create widgets to look after database stuff in the pretty site I created in "webflow" (a brilliant online design tool by the way). So I should do myself a favour and relook at webdev.

The one issue Ive had with webdev years ago when I owned 14 and 17 was deployment. I LOVE how easy deploying Xojo web apps is.
Do you think you can "easily" deploy and update a lot of small one off apps easily and management them? And what about the cost of their application server? Can you really easily have a 50 small apps on one app server? Ie is it easy to set up and deploy?

Below is your post to me of 5 months ago
Thanks James

"Re: Thinking of buying WebDev is it a good product? #
Posted by: Allard user status icon global
Date: November 03, 2014 11:00PM

I have used webdev ( version 18 ) for a view sites and I got what I wanted. There are limitations but choosing an other platform is not really an option for me. It's to compecated for me.

Webdev is costly. Hmm depends where you compare it with. If you compare it with php and a free platform then it is expensive. to buy but cheep in hours spent on a project. And changes are you willnot be able to finnish the project at all snce php and an opensource framework are way more difficult.

If you compare it to out systems then it is really cheep. Out systems costs about 1200 a month. But Then you get something competely different as well.
Out systems lets you build enterprice applications ready to use with thousands concurrent users.

The pro for webdev is it's simplicity to use. Not everything works as espected but not technical persons can make some amaizing stuff. Iam not verry technical and made an application for an insurance company in just two weeks. It relies on mysql to store data that it uses to make some pretty advanced calculations. In just 1 extra week I changed the app so it can be used by several insurance companies as a saas application.

I made my company site with webdev as well. It's a site with cms. But i donnot think I would ever make a website for someone else because off the css etc



von James Nicholson-Plank - am 20.04.2015 20:41
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