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xlsDocument Variable

Startbeitrag von Malc am 10.04.2015 13:57

Hi Guys

Anyone know the limitations of handling xlsx files?
There seems to be a 65000 row limit for xls in WD18.
However xlsx documents, which are supposed to be supported, handle more than that.
I cannot find anywhere in the help that states the xlsDocument variable supports more than 65000 rows, or if you have to upgrade to 19/20 (which we will eventually do)
Or in fact I should use a table control (TableToExcel) or the new WD20 spreadsheet control

Any thoughts appreciated




Hi Malc,

It depends what version of M$ Office you are using. The 65,000 row limit is imposed by older versions of Excel - I believe versions of Excel upto M$ Office 2003 has this limit. More recent versions of Excel (I think) have a 2m row limit.

von DarrenF - am 10.04.2015 15:07
I am good with wd19 with 120,000 rows in .xlsx..
No good for wd17 and dun not wd18 (let me know if you can).



von kingdr - am 10.04.2015 15:42
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