[WB17] Reading smart card data using Webdev

Startbeitrag von Gianni Spano am 10.04.2015 17:30

Hello to all

Some month ago i was able to write a little application to read "Italian Healthcare Card" (Tessera Sanitaria in italian) using Windev.

Now i have to develop a new project using Webdev and give our doctors to access this new system using their smart card for authentication purpose only.

Surfing the web i found a lot of informations about the use of a Java applet, but, sincerily, i have no idea on how to apply this way with Webdev...and if this is the right way..

Is there someone who can guide me in the right direction with some examples or other stuff that can help to deal with this project??

Thanks in advance


Hi Gianni

there is a double example available (if I remember correctly, called WD applet JAVA and WB applet java)...

It gives an example on how to CREATE a java applet in windev, and use that applet in webdev. It shows how to exchange data between the two.

Now, depending on the reader you plan to use and on what SDK comes with it, you will either get an already made java applet, in which case the webdev example will show you how to use it, and with element that you have to call in a java applet that you have to create, in which case you'll need both sides.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 10.04.2015 20:16
Hi Fabrice

Thank you for your suggestions.
Next monday when i will back at my office i will search for these examples you suggested.

Thanks again for your friendly help.. :)


von Gianni Spano - am 10.04.2015 21:39
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