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[WM17] - Send Email without using Android's Email client

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 11.04.2015 15:16

I have tired to use the Email object of WM17 but every time it just runs the default Email client in an Android Phone in Compose mode.

And the user has to send email by clicking on the send button.

Instead of this what I want to do is compose the email programmatically and send it directly from the Android app. I know this is not possible in WM17 so is there any way to send emails directly without involving the default email client of Android?


Yogi Yang


Finally I have managed to solve this.

What I did was create a script to send mail in PHP and hosted those script on our server.

I used Swift Mailer (http://swiftmailer.org) to send emails that do not ever land as Spam in the receivers InBox!

Here is the small script that I used in PHP

This is how I constructed and called the PHP script

sCompleteURL = "http://XXXXX.XX/send_email_from_mobile.php?";
sCompleteURL = sCompleteURL + "subject=Student%20Absent%20Report&"
sCompleteURL = sCompleteURL + "from=" + sEmailSentBy
sCompleteURL = sCompleteURL + "&to=" + sStudentEmailID
sCompleteURL = sCompleteURL + "&msg=" + sEmail

//Send the Email using URL

I hope this info will be helpful to someone.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 25.04.2015 05:44
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