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[WD19] - Window scrolling

Startbeitrag von JP am 13.04.2015 08:21

Hi All

I have a window with various controls on it. When the user opens it, it is resized according to screen resolution. On smaller screens this means that not all controls are visible; some controls are too far down or to the right. The problem is that the window is automatically scrolled to show the bottom/right-most controls. I would prefer the window to be positioned so that the top/left-most controls are shown properly. How can this be achieved?




if I understand correctly the question, this is done by putting all your controls inside a supercontrol. This supercontrol then has it's own scrollbar appearing when needed, but it by default displaying the top/left controls

If you want to see the effect, just create a big file window using the rad. They are using this technique extensively

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 13.04.2015 13:09
HI Fabrice,

I shall have to investigate that as I have not used them before.

Is there no way to tell the window to scroll back up? Somehow simulate click the up arrow on the window scrollbar?


von JP - am 13.04.2015 13:45
Hi Fabrice and All,

I have found the cause and the solution. One of the controls on the window was set as first tab control but when the window is too small to show that control in its entirity then WinDev scrolls the window down so that it can be shown completely.

The solution is to either re-arrange the controls so that the first control in tab order is somewhere top-left or to chose another control which is near top-left to be the first tab control. Hope that makes sense :)

von JP - am 14.04.2015 16:26
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