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[WD 20] Cross Domain Impersonate Not working!

Startbeitrag von Aritz am 15.04.2015 06:57


I create a dll based on http://adiiyer.blogspot.com/2010/06/c-impersonation-for-cross-domain-access.html and imported it in my Windev project.

For intra-domain, the impersonate is working using INTERACTIVE_LOGON.
But cross domain is not working with NEW_CREDENTIAL as suggested in the post.

I tested it with creating two Domain Controller (DC). DomainA and DomainB.
I logged on as DomainA\user1 and try to impersonate as DomainB\user2. I created a realm trust between two domain and the FQQN is pingable in both ways. I dont really understand why cross domain impersonate is not working.
Any idea?


Re: [WD 20] Cross Domain Impersonate Not working! [SOLVED]


The configuration parameters for LogonUser depends on how you manage your domaine.
I manage to get the correct parameters for impersonat by modify the Impersonate class to take logonType and logonProvider as argument. I make a simple app to check it whether the impersonation is working by looping from 2 to 9 for the type and 0-3 for the provider.

Finally i get my answer. mine works for network type impersonation.

Thanks guys.

von Aritz - am 20.04.2015 03:11
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