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New v20 available

Startbeitrag von DerekT am 17.04.2015 15:51

Still in 'pre-release' mode but maybe has some of the good bits added.



Is French version more advanced than English or...?

Thx in advance.



von kingdr - am 17.04.2015 19:57
Someone should verify me, but 'I think' that the French version is already final. While the English version is catching up while in pre-release form.

von Curtis - am 17.04.2015 21:52
Hi King,

the current French version is 57k while the US-Version is 57p.

The US-Version 57p is still named a 'pre-release' while the French version from 30e (December 17th, 2014) up has been named 'version complète', which is PC Soft's wording for 'final'. So, judge for yourself ;-) I believe, they are just more cautious on the international market than on their home market.

For myself, if you do not squeeze all of the newest features of version 51r to the utmost then it runs quite fine and is stable enough for a roll-out of applications to end-users. There are many, many new features in v20 and to my surprise they even fixed quite a few of the old issues. We've been whining since v5.5 for button-images with data binding. Here they are and there's a lot more. I do see many use cases for the new Spreadsheet Control, some for the Google Map Control. I think that the PVT-Control is even more powerful than in v19 but I do not see a use case, maybe I just don't understand what to do with it. Developers for mobile apps should be happy with the new Layout feature of which I wish it would come for WINDEV 21 too ... the new high-res 4k-monitors will require new versions of desktop apps while small low-res Win8.1 or Win10 tablets still need apps which can live in a 800 x 600 environment.

von GuenterP - am 18.04.2015 05:21
Hi King

at this stage FR et US version should be the same, except for translation problem... that's what having version 57 on both side means.

As for the "pre-release", "pre-version" or "final", I wouldn't give too much importance to these designations: when you see that the help includes a page with a list of new features, and som are folloed by a (*) indicating that this feature is not available yet and will come in a future version, it means to me that the version is not final, and that does not even take into account usability or bugs.

In version 57 (FR), I find that these announced features are still not available:
- backrround compiling
- new templates availability
- new UI error regarding color/visibility of text
- opening older versions of project in the "factory"
- .net: reloading of assemblies
- webdev server: deletion of obsolete files
- ........

So these commercial names should be left alone. I personally see the release of the US version each year as a sign that we are APPROACHING final version and that I can start using it, knowing that new features will have bugs, and may not all be there yet

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.04.2015 14:54
Thx Fabrice for your info in detail



von Kingdr - am 19.04.2015 23:31
Whooze, thx also go to Guenter Predl



von Kingdr - am 19.04.2015 23:41
Is there an eta for the final version? The pre-release does not include array of arrays.

von Curtis - am 20.04.2015 18:22
Hi Curtis,

Historically what I personally call the "final" release is in June. There might have an exceptional releases after that date, but this is not the rule.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 20.04.2015 19:06
Does anyone know if the 'disassociate style' layout option in WM20 is working on the French version?

von Peter Muckle - am 18.06.2015 12:19
Hi Everyone,

The French full version is validated in phase 2 (out of three I think) in June 16th (ver 66P). (Phase 1 validated June 8th).
When the third version should be validated, the same will be done with the english version (validating phase 1 to 3).

The english version is still in pre-release, and has been since April 17th.

Edit: The full version released today: ver 66r...

ps. Above information might not be 100% accurate but quite close... ;)


von kimor - am 18.06.2015 12:42
Full version now available for download:spos:

von DerekT - am 18.06.2015 19:47
Thanks, that's good timing, and great that fonts are now adjustable by layout :)

von Peter Muckle - am 19.06.2015 17:51
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