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vertical static text in report

Startbeitrag von HypNo am 19.04.2015 17:12


A customer requested me to insert a vertical static text in the left side of a report.

But as you know, the static text is connected to the block, in this case the static text is in the footer, but if the BLOCK body grows the static text is printed in the second page.

I tried to use the watermark but I couldnt change some properties like(orientation, size, color).

I'm using WebDev 18, if anyone had done something similiar or knows how to do this, please reply here.

Thanks all.



I would try to do that one of the following ways:
- direct printing with iprintword (with a font that has been declared at 90 degrees angle)
- printing of an image via iprintimage, the image having been constructed before using dtext

At least one of the two method should work, if not both

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 19.04.2015 20:47
Thank you very much for your answer Fabrice, I think I'm almost there, I just need to know how to change the Y position of the text.

The help says that the vertical position can't be changed.

P.S. using thr first solution


von HypNo - am 19.04.2015 23:43
Ok, I have now my static text in the right position, but I'm having difficulties using simultaneously the iprintReport() and iprintWord() . What should be called first?

von HypNo - am 19.04.2015 23:55

I would call the iprintword from somewhere INSIDE the iPrintReport

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.04.2015 12:34
Thank you very much Fabrice, it is done. :)

von HypNo - am 20.04.2015 13:36
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