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Groupware looses password on update

Startbeitrag von Peter Hite am 21.04.2015 21:02

Just updated to Windev 20 64 bit from Windev 19 32 bit on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. It recompiled my project fine, but when I run it I cannot login to groupware. I don't know if it changed the username or password or both. Is there a way to reset the groupware login to the default of supervisor and no password? Thanks for your help.


Hi Peter,

first, there are some differences between v19 and v20 Groupware, they are not compatible by default if you did not use the "Custom Groupware" setting. If so, it would still be compatible. You can inspect the Groupware file GPU_User.fic with WDMap (Standard Password is PCSGPW2001 ) and add / change the users and passwords. If you did set your own encryption password and forgot it then just delete all of the Groupware files (starting with GPU_... and just run the application. It will regenerate the files automatically and offer the supervisor / supervisor user again.

von GuenterP - am 22.04.2015 06:17
Thanks! I reset all by deleting the GPU_* files like you suggested.
I am a new user so I used the defaults when creating the Groupware originally. I would think this should be classified as a bug. Maybe on conversion it could warn of incompatibility and offer to reset to defaults? Thanks again.

von Peter Hite - am 22.04.2015 13:19
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