WDmodific do not upgrade the file.

Startbeitrag von Tor-Bjarne am 24.04.2015 21:15

WinDev v19, HF/CS v18

I have added a field to my Produkt table, and when trying to connect to the file I correctly get an error 70016 that I Trap.

But when I run WDModific in silent mode it reports "no file was found to modify ..." message, and then I offcourse then get an exception in my query qry_product who do not know the "field" I added.

If I however run wdmodific in Wizard mode, it do find a change and do the upgrade of the data file.

I`ve checked the analyze file (it`s the correct choosed)

The only thing I can think of "can" have an impact is that my password is blank.?

here`s my code I cant find any error in it, perhaps I got blinded? :xcool:

LWDModficLine = LModficFile ...
+ " -report -nobackup -error -noanaconnection /WDD="""...
+""" /Server="""+DBConn..User+":"+SPW+"@"+DBConn..Server+":"+sPort+"/"+DBConn..Database+""" /US"

IF NOT ExeRun(LWDModficLine,exeActive,exeWait) THEN
Error("Unable to run the automatic data modification: ", ErrorInfo())

I could use the wdmodific wizard but I`m distributing this app to several users so I would like "things" to happen automatically.

Perhaps something obvious, but I cant see it :)



Hi Tor-Bjarne,

this is an old problem. I recommend to add another item to the file, generate the analysis and then to remove this field and re-generate the analysis once again. Additionally, you should use the tools which are offered by the Analysis Editor, very often File-Links stay in the list of links and are not deleted like they should. Try to delete the 'unused items' and run the 'repair the Analysis', inspect the list of File-Links for inexisting links, not only in the Analysis but also in the HF Control Center. In the past, we've experienced file items which did not go away though they were invisible and (theoretically) deleted, only starting a new Analysis and importing (copying) the old files and file links cured the thing. Generally, I believe in making a brand new and therefore clean analysis after a year or so of development and before delivering the first piece of that software to customers.

von GuenterP - am 25.04.2015 04:57
HI Guenter,

Thank you!! :)


von Tor-Bjarne - am 26.04.2015 08:51
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