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Startbeitrag von Parianos Henri am 26.04.2015 01:07


I use the Pc-soft replication and have actualy three questions.

a) Is there a possibility to get some info what is replicated or what happends there?
b) To set up a replication you have (i think) to define that on the master database.
Is there a posibility to get a scrypt or to do this by programming or or ??
c)Can you have a notice if there is something happend wrong during the replication

Parianos Henri :confused:


Hi Henri

a: Not that I know of
b: it depends of the type of replication you use... last time I checked, pcsoft was offering 3 different systems, and each is setup differently
c: Not that I know of

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.04.2015 09:26
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for the info,

Very pity that there are no logs about the replication transactions for such a powerful function. :cheers:


von Parianos Henri - am 28.04.2015 19:43
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