wd19 whoich sqlserver versions are supported?

Startbeitrag von Arie am 29.04.2015 11:03

Hi I have an wd19 application running fine on sqlserver 2005.
Anyone knows if an upgrade to 2008 or 2012 or even higher works without issues?


I found their help doc concerning SQL-Server (http://help.windev.com/?5515003) but I'm sure you already checked that out.

WinDev may be a bit more of a finicky tool/language, but its data-access "stuff" is quite strong. I would imagine it would be quite an easy process; probably just involves modifying your connection in the analysis.

Obviously, don't just go and update your production-server and hope for the best. Buy a server (or rent one online for a cheap, low cost), get your database on there, and test it out. Try it with the old SQL Server (2005) with your database on there - connect to it with your application - then upgrade the SQL Server to the one you want and see how your application reacts. What happens when the upgrade occurs while you're connected?

We're a smaller company here with around 500-5000 constantly connected clients. If we go down, their company doesn't operate (ERP/Accounting/Project Management software). So when we upgrade their servers/databases (we run Oracle, we just made a big upgrade for a lot of companies from 6i to 11g) we first, of course, perform lots and lots of testing. We then prepare a new server (sometimes just a VM, othertimes a completely separate server, depending on the size of the client) which will host the new database. Once everything is set up and ready to go and all of our tests come out clean, we simply point them to the new server (Oracle has this TNS thing - it's awesome - you could accomplish the same thing with your own internal make-shift-DNS (for internal networks/servers of course)).

But yea, as far as WinDev goes, I'd be a little surprised if it caused too many problems (if any at all!).

von Andrew MacKenzie - am 29.04.2015 11:47
Yes it works.

How are you connecting to the DB? native access (sqlncli or dbnetlib), OLEBD,...?
depending on how you connect you have to be carefull with the new data types of the new version of mssql.

You can force at the connection level the behaviour of the mssql.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 29.04.2015 11:57
I am running sqlServer2012 with native sql in wd19/wb19 and it works a charm.

Why don't you upgrade to sql2014 and it should run faster than Oracle with same

scale of PC Server?



von Kingdr - am 01.05.2015 04:11
I ranked Corp. DB (2015) as below:

Rank PCServer Linux MainFrame
1 SqlServer2014
2 Oracle Oracle
2 SAP/Sybase SAP/Sybase
3 Oracle

in terms of speed, reliabilities and corp. use.


von kingdr - am 01.05.2015 12:27
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