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making a backup

Startbeitrag von Allard am 29.04.2015 23:20

Hi I want to programm the backupof hyperfiles cs.
I want to backup all databases so I looked at the help and I use the following code:

IF HBackup(new_connection,*,"backup",True,"backup"+ DateSys(),PROGBAR_backup) = 0 THEN


I made a screen wiyh a progba control and this code is added to a button on the screen

After that I use:


to close the main window and thus close the programm

I get this error:

Error at line 1 of Click BTN_backup_maken process.
HBackup function called.
Error caused by 1 parameter.
An element of 'empty' type cannot be converted to the 'UNICODE string' type.

----- Technical Information -----

Project : Administratie

WL call:
Process of 'Click BTN_backup_maken' (WIN_backupmaken.BTN_backup_maken), line 1, thread 0
'HBackup' function, syntax 6

What happened?
Error caused by 1 parameter.
An element of 'empty' type cannot be converted to the 'UNICODE string' type.

Error code: 1021
Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)

Dump of the error of 'wd180vm.dll' module (
Identifier of detailed information (.err): 1021
Debugging information:
UEL = 69
Additional Information:
Click BTN_backup_maken (WIN_backupmaken.BTN_backup_maken), line 1
Selecting the menu of _Menu.OPT_Menu.OPT_Afsluiten (WIN_startscherm._Menu.OPT_Menu.OPT_Afsluiten), line 1
EIT_DATEHEURE : 30/04/2015 01:14:49

Has anyone any idea on what Iam doing wrong?



Ok found the error. Hadto add " * " istead of just a *

Have an other question thoug.

When the progbar is full I want to close the application so I added following code:

IF PROGBAR_backup = 100 THEN

win_startscerm is the main window of the mdi type of application.


von Allard - am 29.04.2015 23:33

Re: making a backup ( resolved)

Hi fixed the problem

von Allard - am 30.04.2015 10:55
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